Friday, October 31, 2008

Say NO to Violence against Women

"Information is power", a fact of relevance especially to organizations that need to maintain a good relationships with the general population to meet their goals and justify fund raising that will lead to development programmes.

Awareness is the first step leading to a solution, and although substantial contributions such as volunteering or donations have greater impact, the mere act of acknowledging an issue is a tangible contribution to a cause.

Now just think for a moment in all the women that you know and realize that one in three of them will be beaten, coerced into sex or or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Only about one in five of them will seek professional medical treatment if physically injured [1-3].

Please do not take my word for it, choose your most reliable source of evidence and make your own mind. Once you have an opinion, you may want to publicly acknowledge your awareness of this problem. Sign up here, it matters and it helps.

If the embedded form doesn't work, you can go or

[1] Heise, L., Ellsberg, M. and Gottemoeller, M. Ending Violence Against Women. Population Reports, Series L, No. 11., December 1999

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