Thursday, November 30, 2006

Prehistoric CEFF

The physics student council (CEFF: Centro de Estudiantes de la Facultad de Fisica) was like a second home for me and for many other students. We used to stay late there just to be with our friends and have nice discussions. Often the conversation was animated by some red wine or beers, some other times by poems and more red wine or role playing games and just a bit more of red wine.

Teachers (and apparently new generations of students) never understood well how important was for us to have this small hole where to feel at home. Because indeed was a dirty hole, but was the nicest one! Full of true friends and enlightening conversation, some politics and much fun. I know how envious are the other schools of the quality of our campus life, because we have a good one where most of the others just walked fast between classes.

I decided to start posting pictures of CEFF, particularly the one with the oldest years. Contributions are accepted! I am posting the in a separated blog:

Sudamerican Rockers...

Well, this may sound a bit narcissist but just for fun my friend Roberto an I have recorded a conversation about our experience here in New York, and published in a Blog as a MP3 file. You may have head about podcast? Good, but we don’t care about Apple and their massive trendy rubbish. This is just a MP3 file with our conversation. We though maybe our mothers would like to hear about us... :)

The address is :